Values+Value®: Sustainable & Socially Responsible Investing

You live with your values every day, why not invest with them? With Balanced Rock’s Values+Value service we ensure that everyone has the choice to invest in way consistent with their values without jeopardizing value or their ability to meet their financial goals. That’s why, at Balanced Rock, we work hard to make Fee-Only, sustainable, socially-responsible investing accessible and affordable to all types of investors, regardless of net worth. If you want your investments to help change the world, we certainly want to help you.

Each client is the master of their own investment criteria and decides for themselves, with fiduciary guidance and expert analysis from our advisors, whether and to what extent any type of values-based investing should be included in their portfolio.

Balanced Rock offers Values+Value through two strategies. One, is the more traditional Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing, which utilizes research on publicly traded companies to shift your investments to better match your values. Our ESG research also allows for positive and negative screenings on specific products, industries and business practices. Popular screens include Fossil Fuels, Defense & Weapons, and Predatory Lending Practices.

Our second Values+Value strategy we call DIAL-In, which stands for Direct, Impact, Alternative and Local Investing. DIAL-In connects our clients with neighborhood businesses, rising startups, community funds and other investments not found in traditional investor portfolios. Here clients will have the opportunity to support businesses and projects making an outsized positive impact in their/our community and world. These investments are carefully vetted and curated to match each client’s values-based preferences and fit appropriately within their larger financial plan.