Balanced Rock Investment Advisors is an independent fee-only financial advisor offering portfolio management, wealth management, financial planning, and consulting services to people and organizations of all kinds.

The Balanced Rock Investment Advisors Philosophy

Financial Advisor offering Investment Management and Financial PlanningSurviving the test of time requires a thoughtfully crafted and well executed plan. We start by reducing the costs, including taxes, transaction costs, and management fees that drag down returns over time. Using a disciplined rebalancing strategy and broadly diversified global portfolios, we work to manage risk and improve returns.

By understanding your personal goals, situation, and risk tolerance, we develop a financial plan you can stick with through market highs and lows, so that you’re truly investing for the long term.

The Power of a Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Balanced Rock Investment Advisors Fee-Only Wealth ManagementAs a Fee-Only advisor, Balanced Rock Investment Advisors doesn’t sell anything. We are paid only by our clients, and our fees are completely transparent. Unlike many advisers, we receive no payments, commissions or compensation of any kind from any 3rd parties. This helps avoid conflicts of interest between advisor and client that are inherent in investment and insurance sales and broker relationships. Our only interest is serving you, our clients. You pay us for good, independent advice. It’s that simple, and we put it in writing.

Accessible, Personal, Wherever You Are

Accessible Anywhere Financial Planning Wealth Management Balanced Rock Investment AdvisorsWherever you are, Balanced Rock Investment Advisors can provide personalized, expert wealth management, financial planning, and portfolio management services. Secure online access to your accounts, financial plans, and documents makes sharing and delivering information easy. Phone calls, internet video-calls, online presentation sharing, and email make communication convenient.

You’re not calling a phone bank or speaking to a “representative”, you’re speaking to our small team directly.