Our Wealth Management Process – A Collaborative Approach

1.Information Gathering and Exchange

We start by collecting some basic information about your financial, personal, and family situation. Then we meet in person, by phone or by video-call to gain an understanding of your unique needs, goals, and perspective on risk. We have you complete a simple yet powerful multiple choice questionnaire to measure your tolerance for taking risk.  At the same time, we’ll provide you with more information about us and our investment philosophy and process, and answer any questions you may have.

2.Develop Your Plan

Based on what we’ve learned about you, we prepare one or more financial plans and investment allocation recommendations for us to discuss and review together. We can provide plans with varying levels of detail based on your preference, from a simple education and retirement funding plan to a comprehensive plan including insurance, tax, and estate planning strategies. We revise the plan until you’re comfortable with it.

3.Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

We create an IPS that provides a detailed plan for how we’ll manage your investments. This will include the porfolio allocations we’ve agreed on; the strategy for executing, monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio; and details about your investment needs, tax situation, goals, and risk tolerance. The IPS is also where you can set any special limitations on or preferences for your investment portfolio, such as ESG investments.

4.Execution of Your Plan

We put your IPS into action. We coordinate with you and any necessary outside professionals–such as accountants, attorneys, and insurance brokers–in order to carry out your entire financial plan. We can provide recommendations or work with the professionals you already use.  And as a fee-only advisor, we don’t accept any compensation from anyone we recommend to you.

5.Ongoing Communications

You are always welcome to contact us to discuss any questions or concerns. We urge you to let us know when significant changes to your personal or financial situation occur. We will be in touch with you on an ongoing basis about news or market activity that we think will have an impact on you or your plan.

6.Formal Review

At least annually, and more often at your preference, we will meet with you for a complete review of your plan’s progress and investment performance. These meetings also provide an opportunity to tell us about any changes in your life or goals.