Our Financial Planning & Wealth Management Services

Financial advice. Finance background with money. Finance concept. Coins on the wooden table.Balanced Rock Investment Advisors is a Fee-Only and Fiduciary-Only Boston area financial advisor. We are independently owned and locally operated with offices in Roslindale and Marlborough. Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality financial advice and management, personalized for each individual’s values and goals, regardless of net worth or income.

What is a Fee-Only advisor?

Here at Balanced Rock, we are paid only and directly by our clients. We do not sell financial products. This separates us from the majority of the industry. Our fees are completely transparent and we go to great lengths to make our financial advice services accessible and affordable. All types of investors are welcome.

What is a Fiduciary-Only advisor?

We at Balanced Rock are legally obligated to always work for our clients’ best interests. It’s what we do and it’s what we believe is right. We think incentive structures for most advisors are misaligned with their clients’ needs. So, we’ve changed that. And we’ve made it our mission to work hard for the best interests of our clients. Here’s a link to one of our blogs. It shows the other types of financial advisors and what sets a Fiduciary-Only advisor apart–even from other Fee-Only advisors.

We offer several types of client-advisor relationships.

These are customized to meet your needs. Each client benefits from Our Investment Philosophy, which we apply to all the advice and services that we provide. We have two general service areas: Wealth Management and Financial Planning. Additionally, we offer dedicated, sustainable and socially responsible investment advice through our Values+Value™ strategy. This is designed to match each client’s individual planning and portfolio needs with their investing values. Our fees are always transparent. 

Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning service is offered on a hourly or per-engagement rate. We can assist you with

  • Retirement planning
    • Maximizing employer & government benefits
    • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
    • Tax minimization
  • Investment asset allocation
    • Taxable accounts, including individual, joint and trust
    • Employer retirement plans, including 401k, 403b, 457
    • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), including Traditional, Rollover, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, i401k
    • Other accounts such as 529 Plan, annuity, Donor Advised Fund (DAF)
  • Values-based investing
    • Public market Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing
    • Direct, Impact, Alternative and Local Investing (DIAL-In)
  • Education and financial aid planning
  • Real estate planning, including primary residence and managed property
  • Financial advice and planning for other goals, such as caring for parents, weddings, or international retirement
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning and trusts
  • Maximizing current employee benefits
    • Life and disability insurance
    • Pensions and retirement plans
    • Stock options and RSUs
  • Small business and self-employment planning
  • Insurance needs assessment and assistance
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Long-term care insurance
  • Philanthropic planning and charitable giving
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Debt planning
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing
  • Consulting on unique financial situations

Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management service is provided through percentage fees based on the total value of assets under management. We offer

  • Comprehensive, ongoing financial advice and planning, including all of the above financial planning services
  • Continual portfolio management
  • Ongoing management of the financial plan
  • Always on-call availability as new situations in your financial plan arise