ERISA Advisor Services

Retirement Plan Consulting | 401k Advice and Support 

We begin our retirement plan consulting process by asking the right questions and listening to you. Our top priority is getting to know your retirement plan goals. If you have a plan in place already, we gather information on your current plan to understand what is working, what isn’t working, and what challenges you face.

Our ERISA Advisor Services

We combine Fee-Only, Fiduciary-Only retirement plan consulting and 401k advice for one-stop service.We work with you to improve your plan in several ways:  

  • lowering costs,
  • reducing your potential liability,
  • finding the best service providers, and
  • recommending quality investments.


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We ensure your fiduciary responsibilities as Plan Sponsor are managed correctly. We provide investment and 401k advice consistent with the prudent expert standard. This necessary if you don’t have staff with investment expertise.

We offer investment advice as a limited scope 3(21) fiduciary to the plan. And we shoulder responsibility for the investment advice provided. Most brokers will make sure NOT to do this; disclosing in fine print that they do NOT provide 401k advice.

We review, price and compare any plan service providers and investments in the marketplace. We manage the RFP process for you to find the best providers for your needs, and help with a smooth transition.

We develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for the plan. This is required by the Department of Labor. The IPS describes in detail selection criteria: for service providers, general investment guidelines, due diligence standards for investment selection and monitoring, and other plan requirements.

We recommend an investment lineup for the plan and monitor it on an ongoing basis. We select replacements when required by the Investment Policy Statement. Our recommendations will satisfy the requirements of the ERISA Section 404 (c) Safe Harbor.


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