Our Team @ Balanced Rock Investment Advisors

Daniel M. Flannery, CFA® – President, Chief Compliance Officer & Portfolio Manager

Daniel M. Flannery, CFADan is a lifelong investor who believes that high-quality investment and financial management can help you reach your most important personal and family goals, while achieving peace of mind. Dan founded Balanced Rock and is the Portfolio Manager in addition to his roles as President and Wealth Manager.

Prior to founding Balanced Rock Investment Advisors, Dan spent more than eight years with Cargill Investment Group Ltd. in Boston, an asset manager of private tax credit real estate equity funds for institutional investors. Dan worked as office administrator, analyst, fund accountant, and junior asset manager before working for five years as an asset manager responsible for more than $90M of equity investments and $200M of total assets across multiple funds.

Dan graduated with honors from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004, majoring in political science. In 2009 Dan earned his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst®) Charter from CFA Institute. He keeps his professional expertise current by engaging in the CFA Continuing Education Program, and commits to upholding the high standards of ethics and conduct promoted by CFA Institute.

Dan lives and works in Boston (Roslindale), MA with his wife Meredith and son Alden. Dan used to play golf before he had a son and started Balanced Rock, and hopes to get back in the swing someday. He also enjoys the outdoors, especially riding his mountain bike and skiing.

Please read this letter from Dan about why he decided to found Balanced Rock Investment Advisors.

Ben Ramsey – Advisor & Director of Financial Planning

As has become clear since day one at Balanced Rock, Ben loves people more than he loves Ben and Millie Weddingfinance, and that’s why he chose to be a Fee-Only advisor. His goal as an advisor is to help clients gain peace of mind, confidence, and a sense of freedom regarding their financial futures.

Some of Ben’s earliest memories are of his mother teaching financial principles relating to budgeting, saving, investing, tithing, giving, and other lessons. For his 8th birthday, he was given the choice of his mother paying $15 for supplies to host a birthday party or getting $15 worth of presents directly and no party. That was one of many moments that sparked Ben’s lifelong interest in financial decision making.

In 2010, Ben was licensed and training to start selling life insurance, but quickly realized that selling products wasn’t the way to actually help people. The insurance industry was not a good fit. Instead, Ben decided to learn everything he could about how to practice financial advising responsibly and ethically. It was then that Ben began his long journey searching for a role where he would be able and encouraged to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

After two years advising with solar company Endless Energy, Ben discovered Balanced Rock Investment Advisors with its transparent Fee-Only & Fiduciary-Only structure and a “Do the right thing” culture. Finally, a perfect fit!

Ben was born and raised in Michigan and attended Brigham Young University. He has lived in Utah and Idaho, before settling in the Greater Boston Area 12 years ago.

Ben lives in Marlborough with his wife Milly and two children, Garrett and Vivian, where he loves to spend time doing family activities. Ben also volunteers at church by teaching a religion class for local high school students. As of January 2016, he and Milly are expecting twins! He is very excited to double the kids, and maybe a little nervous too (but mostly excited).

Hendrix R. Berry – Advisor & Impact Investment Analyst

Pro 2Hendrix is a Western Massachusetts native and local democracy optimist.  Originally joining the team as Balanced Rock’s Sustainable Community Coordinator and now as an advisor, Hendrix works to strengthen our relationships with community nonprofits and social impact businesses, and to open opportunities for Balanced Rock clients to build a resilient, regenerative and sustainable economy through their investments. Hendrix has been at Balanced Rock since May 2015.

While an economics student at Earlham College, Hendrix began learning about new and old systems of production committed not just to capital, but to people, place, and planet. Deciding there was a lot of important work to be done, she gained inspiration from the regional sustainable farming movement, the Zapatista movement for autonomy, and the cooperative economy movement.

In college, Hendrix lived and worked at a small student-run farm called Miller Farm on the Earlham College campus and spent a summer in the field at Riverland Farm in Sunderland, MA. In 2013, she participated in the semester-long Tucson-based Border Studies Program. She traveled to Chiapas to visit the Zapatistas for a lesson in place-based democracy, dignity, and colonial resistance. The following summer, Hendrix joined the Co-cycle Collective and biked across the United States with six other women visiting different types of cooperative businesses.

In 2014, Hendrix returned to Massachusetts to embark on a life long journey in new economy building with a focus on democratizing and repurposing finance. Her work since has been with the New Economy Coalition, Boston Community Capital, JP Local First and the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation. Hendrix is currently a part-time volunteer organizer and Steering Committee member with the Boston Ujima Project, working to build cooperative economic infrastructure in Boston to return wealth to working class communities of color.