Our Team @ Balanced Rock Investment Advisors

Daniel M. Flannery, CFA® – President, Portfolio Manager Chief Compliance Officer 

Dan is a lifelong investor who believes that high-quality investment and financial management can help you reach your most important personal and family goals, while achieving peace of mind. Dan founded Balanced Rock and is the Portfolio Manager in addition to his roles as Wealth Manager, President, and Chief Compliance Officer.

Prior to founding Balanced Rock Investment Advisors, Dan spent more than eight years with Cargill Investment Group Ltd. in Boston, an asset manager of private tax credit real estate equity funds for institutional investors. Dan worked as office administrator, analyst, fund accountant, and junior asset manager before working for five years as an asset manager responsible for more than $90M of equity investments and $200M of total assets across multiple funds.

Dan graduated with honors from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004, majoring in political science. In 2009 Dan earned his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst®) Charter from CFA Institute. He keeps his professional expertise current by engaging in the CFA Continuing Education Program and commits to upholding the high standards of ethics and conduct promoted by CFA Institute.

Dan lives and works in Boston (Roslindale), MA with his wife Meredith and their 7-year-old son Alden and 2-year-old daughter Sienna. In his spare time, Dan enjoys volunteering at Mozart Elementary school, as treasurer for JP Local First, as a member of the Roslindale Village Main Streets finance committee, and as a founding organizer of Roslindale Porch Fest.

Please read this letter from Dan about why he decided to found Balanced Rock Investment Advisors.

Ben Ramsey – Advisor & Director of Financial Planning

Ben’s devotion to transparency and ethics in the world of finance borders on the absurd. On one hand, he loves money – how it works, the math and science and psychology of it – and how, with a little planning, families can
gain peace of mind and a sense of freedom while they solidify their financial futures. On the other hand, he knows money is simply a tool, a complex means to an end that varies with each individual client’s values and goals.

Some of Ben’s earliest memories are of his mother teaching financial principles relating to budgeting, saving, investing, tithing, giving, and other lessons. For his 8th birthday, he was given the choice of his mother paying $15 for supplies to host a birthday party or getting $15 worth of presents directly and no party. That was one of many moments that sparked Ben’s lifelong interest in financial decision making.

Ben started his involvement in the financial industry in 2010, beginning a multi-year period of intense study and learning. To help pay the bills he worked part-time advising with solar company Endless Energy, gaining valuable insight and experience. After five years of education and seeking an investment firm where he would be able and encouraged to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, Ben discovered Balanced Rock Investment Advisors with its transparent Fee-Only & Fiduciary-Only™ structure and a “Do the right thing” culture. Finally, a perfect fit!

Ben was born and raised in Michigan and attended Brigham Young University. He has lived in Utah and Idaho, before settling in the Greater Boston Area in 2003. Ben lives in Marlborough with his wife Milly and four children, Garrett, Vivian, Felicity, and Sawyer, where he spends time programming video games as a geeky nerd, doing family activities as a caring father and husband, and being involved at church as a humble Christian.

Hendrix R. Berry – Advisor & Impact Investment Analyst

Hendrix comes to Balanced Rock with a background in economics, business development and community organizing. As a financial planner and advisor, Hendrix is dedicated to making fee only advice affordable and accessible, and in particular helping individuals and families invest in alignment with their values.

After completing her degree in Economics from Earlham College in Indiana, Hendrix moved to Boston to work at the New Economy Coalition and be close to family, in the Pioneer Valley. Since then, she’s had the privilege to work for the Boston Ujima Project, Boston Community Capital, JP Local First and the Jamaica Plain NDC. Hendrix has presented at many conferences and forums on impact investing, cooperatives and regenerative finance, including the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, CommonBound, and in Resource Generation Praxis Groups.

In addition to her work as an advisor with Balanced Rock, Hendrix serves on the Investment Committee Boston Ujima Project, on the Board of the United States Solidarity Economy Network and on the Organizing Committee of the Massachusetts Solidarity Economy Network. At home, Hendrix is a resident co-caretaker of a movement space and urban oasis in Jamaica Plain called the Old Oak Dojo used for retreats and events by nonprofits and grassroots groups advancing racial justice.

Afsana Jahan – Advisor & Investment Analyst

Afsana brings nearly three years of impact investing and portfolio management ($5 million in size) experience to Balanced Rock as a believer in creating a long-term solution to prevailing social issues rather than just handing out money or resources to patch up the problems. 

Growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh during her early childhood in the 90’s and seeing extreme poverty with people begging for food door to door, Afsana has been proactive throughout her life to help lessen the suffering of people and eradicate poverty. Furthermore, seeing her widowed grandmother supporting poor widows and single mothers, her parents supporting poor families to educate young children and to start small businesses, and learning core values to become a better human being at her Catholic girls’ school, Afsana subconsciously grew a sense of responsibility to help underprivileged people around the world.

Afsana has a combined 8 years of experience working in both developed and emerging economies. She earned her MBA in 2017 in social impact and entrepreneurship from Heller School of Brandeis University in Waltham, MA and BBA in 2010 in finance, accounting & economics from North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Afsana worked in research & development, small & medium enterprise financing (SMEs) in financial institutions and in program development, policy research and fundraising in international non-profits. She is a mentor to startups in the Boston area, a 2016 SRI scholar (Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing/ SRI Conference), and a volunteer fundraiser in a Boston based non-profit that helps educate children with special needs in Bangladesh. She has also been a guest lecturer in Babson MBA and Brandeis MBA classes.

As an advisor and investment analyst, Afsana is devoted to helping our clients attain their financial goals by curating the most appropriate advice by continuously learning and developing as an individual. To further grow and develop as a financial advisor, she has recently embarked on CFA level 1 studies. 

Laura M. Daniels – Client Services Manager

Laura is a Roslindale neighbor and has been part of the Balanced Rock team since February 2018. She serves as the Client Services Manager and is studying for the Series 65 Investment Advisor’s exam. With a master’s in acupuncture, a bachelor’s in anthropology and decades of professional office management experience, she has always enjoyed working with people and finding sustainable solutions.

At a young age, Laura became familiar with investments through a small mutual fund and Christmas gifts of savings bonds given to her by her grandparents. Then, as she began her professional life as an executive assistant in her family’s photography business, she learned the importance of client relationship building, organizational leadership, and financial management. These skills helped her to develop and sustain a 20-year private healthcare practice while also managing other companies in the global high-tech and local non-profit sectors. Later inspired by her father’s mid-life career change to capital management, Laura began to consider how her care for client’s overall well-being and her continued personal interests in investing could dovetail into a second career in the financial industry.

Through work and her studies, she is discovering many shared goals between caring for clients’ health and their wealth, such as ethical conduct, fiduciary accountability, and innovative solution seeking, to name a few. She looks forward to a bright future with the fun and caring team at Balanced Rock.