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Why Farmers Markets? Because Our Votes Count

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Why Farmers Markets? Because Our Votes Count

A wonderful teacher I had in high school used to tell us over and over again to “vote with your feet!” I went to a small girls’ school in Shaker Heights Ohio and she was a lovably impassioned history teacher. “Girls, you have got to get out there and vote with your feet!” she would exclaim, always following up with an explanation. “Do you know what that means? That means you’ve got to really show what it is that you believe in by using your fiscal and social capital, your time and your energy to invest in the things that are affecting the kind of change you believe in.” I remember her saying this many, many times in various iterations. Now, all these years later, I consider this sage advice one of my most important personal values. And it’s one of the reasons I’m so pleased to be part of the Balanced Rock team.

At Balanced Rock we believe in our neighbors. We care about our shared spaces. We love where we live and we understand our important role in sustaining the fabulous organizations and people that are already doing so much in our communities, while also supporting new contributors. The farmers markets we have sponsored and partnered with are all run by wonderful community-centered people, often donating their time. The vendors at these markets are bringing beautiful, nourishing, New England-native foods, products and services to our local Boston-area communities. And at all the markets we support, public food assistance is doubled for eligible residents who want to shop at the markets in order to promote food security and healthy living for all. Their mission to offer the best locally-grown products and local services they can to all their neighbors aligns perfectly with our mission to provide independent, high quality and affordable advice directly to our community.

Born in Roslindale and grown in the greater Boston area, Balanced Rock votes with its feet for local, sustainable, community-centric businesses and organizations. We invite you to vote with your feet by visiting our friends at the many vibrant farmers markets in our communities. Remember, every vote counts!

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