Personalized Values-Based Investing 

Values+Value™ is a ground-breaking offering that provides comprehensive wealth management, including financial planning and values-based portfolio management. Investment selection is customized to reflect the personal values of each individual, family, or organization. This allows our clients to not only live and work in a manner consistent with their values, but to invest in the same way. We rely on Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) research as well as positive and negative screens related to specific products, industries, and business practices to determine the quality of an investment on values-based merits. This process is more commonly know as Socially Responsible Investing (“SRI”).

We combine our values-based research and screening with traditional value investment analysis, drawing from a wealth of high quality research, to build globally diversified portfolios that we hope will perform as well or better than the broad universe of investments from which we are selecting our portfolio holdings. We believe that with socially responsible investing in companies with lower identified ESG risks, we can improve risk-adjusted returns in our portfolios. This is how it all comes together: